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The academic calendar shows the deadlines and scheduled events that are relevant to students, teaching and technical-administrative staff of the University. Public holidays and University closures are also indicated. The academic year normally begins on 1 October each year and ends on 30 September of the following year.

Academic calendar

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The Academic Calendar sets out the degree programme lecture and exam timetables, as well as the relevant university closure dates..

Definition of lesson periods
Period From To
First semester Sep 26, 2011 Dec 22, 2011
Second semester Feb 27, 2012 May 25, 2012
Exam sessions
Session From To
Sessione invernale Jan 9, 2012 Feb 24, 2012
Sessione estiva May 28, 2012 Jul 6, 2012
Sessione autunnale Aug 27, 2012 Sep 21, 2012

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Exam calendar

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Baccarani Claudio

Beretta Zanoni Andrea 045 802 8691 (VR) 0444 393931 (VI)

Brunetti Federico 045 802 8494

Capitello Roberta 045 802 8488

Castellani Paola 045 802 8127

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Signori Paola 0444 393942 (VI) 045 802 8492 (VR)

Viviani Debora 0458028470

Zarri Luca 045 802 8101

Study Plan

The Study Plan includes all modules, teaching and learning activities that each student will need to undertake during their time at the University. Please select your Study Plan based on your enrolment year.


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TAF (Type of Educational Activity) All courses and activities are classified into different types of educational activities, indicated by a letter.

SPlacements in companies, public or private institutions and professional associations

Teaching code



Paola Signori





Scientific Disciplinary Sector (SSD)



Second semester dal Feb 27, 2012 al May 25, 2012.

Learning outcomes

The aim of the module is to study in depth the enterprise communication, analysing the subject under the Marketing perspective understanding how to choose the right Communication Mix, with a particular attention to the management and control of the communication result. New marketing trends will be studied, too. The student will be enabled to have the right tools to understand the dynamics which lead to an organization communication decision, planning, management and evaluation.


- Communication models. General theories of marketing communication
- The communication process
- The communication goals.
- Communication budget
- Marketing research

- Consumers/receivers studies. The FCB grid.
- Secondary external sources. Psycographic reserch.
- Communication target definition
- House agency

- brand map, cluster map, cluster brand map
- Media selection: .
- the black box model and the technical effectiveness indicators
- Communication-mix and marketing-mix
- Media Plan.
- The bullet theory.
- New stimuli from C2C: dal word-of mouth al word-of-mouse .

The textbook are:
- SIGNORI P., Visioni, percorsi e verifiche nei controlli manageriali. Applicazioni al marketing e alla comunicazione, Milano, McGraw-Hill, 2008

- BONORI V., TASSINARI G., Misurare il ritorno della pubblicità. Le 10 regole per realizzare una campagna pubblicitaria di successo e ottimizzare il ROI con la comunicazione digitale, Milano, Gruppo 24Ore, 2011 = Except chapters 2 and 6

- MERONI V., Pianificare la pubblicità. Manuale delle tecniche più avanzate di comunicazione, pianificazione pubblicitaria e verifica dei risultati, Milano, FrancoAngeli, 2003 = ONLY chapters 3-4-5

Further reading material will be provided in the e-learning at the beginning of the semester.

Reference texts
Author Title Publishing house Year ISBN Notes
BONORI V., TASSINARI G. Misurare il ritorno della pubblicità. Le 10 regole per realizzare una campagna pubblicitaria di successo e ottimizzare il ROI con la comunicazione digitale Gruppo24Ore 2011 ESCLUSI capitoli 2 e 6
Meroni V. Pianificare la pubblicità. Manuale delle tecniche piu' avanzate di comunicazione, pianificazione pubblicitaria e verifica dei risultati (Edizione 1) Franco Angeli 2003 8846443179 SOLO capitoli 3-4-5 (essendo il testo fuori commercio, è resa disponibile in e-learning la parte da studiare)
Signori P. Visioni, percorsi e verifiche nel controllo manageriale. Applicazioni al marketing e alla comunicazione. McGraw-Hill 2008 9788838666421 Leggere e comprendere tutto, imparare benissimo capitolo 4.

Examination Methods

written exam


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There you will find information, resources and services useful during your time at the University (Student’s exam record, your study plan on ESSE3, Distance Learning courses, university email account, office forms, administrative procedures, etc.). You can log into MyUnivr with your GIA login details.

Further services

I servizi e le attività di orientamento sono pensati per fornire alle future matricole gli strumenti e le informazioni che consentano loro di compiere una scelta consapevole del corso di studi universitario.


List of theses and work experience proposals

theses proposals Research area
Comunicazione per la sostenibilità Various topics
Il futuro del corporate reporting (COVID19) Various topics
Le nuove sfide per le supply chain (COVID19) Various topics
Le scelte alimentari dei giovani italiani: quanto è importante la sostenibilità? Various topics
Nuovi scenari e nuovi contesti di acquisto e consumo di bevande alcoliche Various topics
Sfide e opportunità del contesto digitale Various topics
Tesi di Laurea in Economia Comportamentale Various topics


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