Studying at the University of Verona

Here you can find information on the organisational aspects of the Programme, lecture timetables, learning activities and useful contact details for your time at the University, from enrolment to graduation.

Academic calendar

The academic calendar shows the deadlines and scheduled events that are relevant to students, teaching and technical-administrative staff of the University. Public holidays and University closures are also indicated. The academic year normally begins on 1 October each year and ends on 30 September of the following year.

Academic calendar

Course calendar

The Academic Calendar sets out the degree programme lecture and exam timetables, as well as the relevant university closure dates..

For the year 2002/2003 No calendar yet available

Exam calendar

Exam dates and rounds are managed by the relevant Science and Engineering Teaching and Student Services Unit.
To view all the exam sessions available, please use the Exam dashboard on ESSE3.
If you forgot your login details or have problems logging in, please contact the relevant IT HelpDesk, or check the login details recovery web page.

Exam calendar

Should you have any doubts or questions, please check the Enrolment FAQs

Academic staff


Bassi Roberto

symbol email symbol phone-number 045 8027916

Bettinelli Marco Giovanni

symbol email symbol phone-number 045 802 7902

Bolzonella David

symbol email symbol phone-number 045 802 7965

Bossi Alessandra Maria

symbol email symbol phone-number 0458027833

Casucci Giovanni Francesco

Crimi Massimo

symbol email symbol phone-number 045 802 7924; Lab: 045 802 7050

Dal Belin Peruffo Angelo

symbol email

Dalla Pellegrina Chiara

symbol email symbol phone-number 045 802 7037

Delledonne Massimo

symbol email symbol phone-number 045 802 7962; Lab: 045 802 7058

Dominici Paola

symbol email symbol phone-number 045 802 7966; Lab: 045 802 7956-7086

Furini Antonella

symbol email symbol phone-number 045 802 7950; Lab: 045 802 7043

Guzzo Flavia

symbol email symbol phone-number 045 802 7923

Levi Marisa

symbol email symbol phone-number 045 802 7920; Lab: 045 802 7061

Marastoni Corrado

symbol email

Molinari Henriette

symbol email symbol phone-number 045 802 7901; Lab: 045 802 7906
Foto,  April 9, 2014

Monaco Ugo Luigi

symbol email symbol phone-number 045 802 7903; Lab: 045 802 7907 - 045 802 7082

Monsurro' Vladia

symbol email symbol phone-number +39045 812 4256

Omodei Sale' Riccardo

symbol email symbol phone-number 045 8425355

Pandolfini Tiziana

symbol email symbol phone-number 045 802 7918

Pecci Francesco

symbol email symbol phone-number 0458425454

Perduca Massimiliano

symbol email symbol phone-number 3382814975

Pezzotti Mario

symbol email symbol phone-number +39045 802 7951

Pilotto Franco

symbol email symbol phone-number 049/5594050

Polverari Annalisa

symbol email symbol phone-number 045 8425629

Raimondo Domenico

symbol email

Rizzi Corrado

symbol email symbol phone-number 045 802 7947

Segala Roberto

symbol email symbol phone-number 045 802 7997
Paola,  May 17, 2006

Siri Paola

symbol email symbol phone-number +39 045 802 7998

Spena Angelo

symbol email symbol phone-number 045 683 5623

Torriani Sandra

symbol email symbol phone-number 045 802 7921
Foto personale,  July 18, 2012

Vallini Giovanni

symbol email symbol phone-number 045 802 7098; studio dottorandi: 045 802 7095

Zapparoli Giacomo

symbol email symbol phone-number +390458027047

Study Plan

The Study Plan includes all modules, teaching and learning activities that each student will need to undertake during their time at the University. Please select your Study Plan based on your enrolment year.

In attesa che venga pubblicato il piano didattico 2002/2003, consulta il piano dell'anno accademico in corso al link

Legend | Type of training activity (TTA)

TAF (Type of Educational Activity) All courses and activities are classified into different types of educational activities, indicated by a letter.

S Placements in companies, public or private institutions and professional associations

Teaching code






Scientific Disciplinary Sector (SSD)



First Semester dal Oct 3, 2005 al Jan 23, 2006.



Learning outcomes

Il corso si propone di sensibilizzare gli studenti alla problematiche relative ai processi fermentativi che sono alla base di molti prodotti industriali nonché di quelli essenziali nella produzione di alimenti per l’uomo e gli animali. Data la brevità del corso verrà dato maggior spazio alle fermentazioni che presiedono alla produzione di: alimenti complessi, antibiotici, amminoacidi, acidi organici, polisaccaridi, vitamine ed enzimi.


Origine e sviluppo nel tempo delle produzioni biotecnologiche. I microrganismi dei processi industriali. Fonti e isolamento dei microrganismi di interesse. Metodi di selezione e screening di ceppi produttori. Le materie prime delle fermentazioni industriali. Terreni di coltura e substrati dei processi fermentativi industriali. Classificazione dei processi fermentativi. Pianificazione delle fasi del processo fermentativo. Metodi di fermentazione, tipi di bioreattori. Cenni delle fermentazioni in continuo, fed-batch. Separazione metabolici e biomasse. Prodotti del metabolismo primario. Fermentazione alcolica. Fermentazione lattica. Regolazione e prodotti del metabolismo secondario. Miglioramento genetico nei procarioti, nei lieviti e sviluppo di un ceppo produttore. Produzione di enzimi, di antibiotici di vaccini ricombinanti. Dosaggio antibiotici, antibiogramma e diffusione delle AR. Metaboliti secondari ad attività non antibiotica. Produzione di biomasse (SCP), polisaccaridi esocellulari, bioinsetticidi, aminoacidi: glutammico, lisina, triptofano. Produzione ed uso delle colture starter.

Examination Methods

La verifica verrà effettuata mediante una prova scritta ed una eventuale prova orale alla fine del corso.

Students with disabilities or specific learning disorders (SLD), who intend to request the adaptation of the exam, must follow the instructions given HERE

Type D and Type F activities

Training offer to be defined

Career prospects

Module/Programme news

News for students

There you will find information, resources and services useful during your time at the University (Student’s exam record, your study plan on ESSE3, Distance Learning courses, university email account, office forms, administrative procedures, etc.). You can log into MyUnivr with your GIA login details: only in this way will you be able to receive notification of all the notices from your teachers and your secretariat via email and soon also via the Univr app.