Studying at the University of Verona

Here you can find information on the organisational aspects of the Programme, lecture timetables, learning activities and useful contact details for your time at the University, from enrolment to graduation.

Academic calendar

The academic calendar shows the deadlines and scheduled events that are relevant to students, teaching and technical-administrative staff of the University. Public holidays and University closures are also indicated. The academic year normally begins on 1 October each year and ends on 30 September of the following year.

Academic calendar

Course calendar

The Academic Calendar sets out the degree programme lecture and exam timetables, as well as the relevant university closure dates..

Definition of lesson periods
Period From To
1° e 2° SEMESTRE (corsi annuali) LM PROF. SAN. 24-25 Oct 1, 2024 Jul 31, 2025
1° SEMESTRE LM PROF. SAN. 24-25 Oct 1, 2024 Mar 15, 2025
2° SEMESTRE LM PROF. SAN. 24-25 Mar 16, 2025 Jul 31, 2025
Exam sessions
Session From To
SESSIONE PRIMAVERILE - LM SIO VR Mar 3, 2025 Mar 31, 2025
SESSIONE ESTIVA - LM SIO VR Jul 1, 2025 Jul 31, 2025
SESSIONE AUTUNNALE - LM SIO VR Sep 1, 2025 Sep 30, 2025
Degree sessions
Session From To
SESSIONE ESTIVA - LM SIO VR Jul 1, 2025 Jul 31, 2025
SESSIONE AUTUNNALE - LM SIO VR Oct 1, 2025 Dec 31, 2025
SESSIONE PRIMAVERILE - LM SIO VR Mar 2, 2026 Apr 30, 2026
Period From To
Festa di Ognissanti Nov 1, 2024 Nov 1, 2024
Festa dell'Immacolata Dec 8, 2024 Dec 8, 2024
Vacanze di Natale Dec 23, 2024 Jan 6, 2025
Vacanze di Pasqua Apr 19, 2025 Apr 21, 2025
Festa della Liberazione Apr 25, 2025 Apr 25, 2025
Festa del Lavoro May 1, 2025 May 1, 2025
Festa del Santo Patrono May 21, 2025 May 21, 2025
Festa della Repubblica Jun 2, 2025 Jun 2, 2025
Vacanze estive Aug 11, 2025 Aug 17, 2025
Other Periods
Description Period From To
TIR LM SIO VR - 2 ANNO TIR LM SIO VR - 2 ANNO Jul 1, 2025 Mar 30, 2026

Exam calendar

Exam dates and rounds are managed by the relevant Medicine Teaching and Student Services Unit.
To view all the exam sessions available, please use the Exam dashboard on ESSE3.
If you forgot your login details or have problems logging in, please contact the relevant IT HelpDesk, or check the login details recovery web page.

Exam calendar

Should you have any doubts or questions, please check the Enrollment FAQs

Academic staff


Ambrosi Elisa

symbol email symbol phone-number +039 0458027288

Canzan Federica

symbol email symbol phone-number 0458027253- 7288

Chiurco Carlo

symbol email symbol phone-number +390458028159

Donisi Valeria

symbol email symbol phone-number +39 045 812 6414

Franchi Massimo Piergiuseppe

symbol email symbol phone-number +39 045 812 2720

Friso Simonetta

symbol email symbol phone-number +39 045 812 6369

Giacopuzzi Simone

symbol email symbol phone-number +39 045 812 7510

Gosetti Giorgio

symbol email symbol phone-number 045.8028650

Marchetti Pierpaolo

symbol email symbol phone-number +039 0458027270

Mattei Alberto

symbol email

Mortari Luigina

symbol email symbol phone-number 045 802 8652

Pilotto Sara

symbol email

Sartori Riccardo

symbol email symbol phone-number +39 045 802 8140

Schweiger Vittorio

symbol email symbol phone-number +39 045 812 4311

Stanzani Sandro

symbol email symbol phone-number +39 0458028649

Trifirò Gianluca

symbol email symbol phone-number 0458027612

Veronesi Gianluca

symbol email

Zamboni Mauro

symbol email symbol phone-number +39 045 812 2537

Zanolin Maria Elisabetta

symbol email symbol phone-number +39 045 802 7654

Study Plan

The Study Plan includes all modules, teaching and learning activities that each student will need to undertake during their time at the University.
Please select your Study Plan based on your enrollment year.

1° Year

IUS/07 ,MED/45 ,SECS-P/02 ,SECS-P/07
MED/42 ,MED/45 ,SECS-S/02
MED/45 ,M-PED/01 ,M-PSI/08
MED/45 ,MED/47 ,M-FIL/02

2° Year  It will be activated in the A.Y. 2025/2026

MED/45 ,MED/47 ,M-PSI/06 ,SPS/09
BIO/14 ,MED/18 ,MED/40 ,MED/41 ,MED/45
Prova finale
It will be activated in the A.Y. 2025/2026
MED/45 ,MED/47 ,M-PSI/06 ,SPS/09
BIO/14 ,MED/18 ,MED/40 ,MED/41 ,MED/45
Prova finale

Legend | Type of training activity (TTA)

TAF (Type of Educational Activity) All courses and activities are classified into different types of educational activities, indicated by a letter.

S Placements in companies, public or private institutions and professional associations

Teaching code




Scientific Disciplinary Sector (SSD)


Learning objectives

The teaching proposes to analyse, following the most recent scientific evidence, fisiopathological approaches, treatments and assessment of the most relevant and frequent health concerns. The teaching provide students with the opportunity to apply the research and evidence based methods, recently learnt, in order to identify outcomes related to quality of care. ADVANCES IN SURGERY (PROGRESSI IN CHIRURGIA): Learning outcomes: to analyse new surgery technologies and techniques, by performing a critical analysis of the advantages, disadvantages, scientific evidence, impact on care and patient outcomes. INTENSIVE CARE ADVANCES: (PROGRESSI IN TERAPIA INTENSIVA): learning objectives: to deepen the knowledge regarding assessment, evaluation and treatment of intensive care patients.
NURSING (ASSISTENZA BASATA SULLE EVIDENZE): To apply the methodological skills learned in the course of EBP and research methodology to a complex area of one's own professional practice: to consult the databases and to find the studies relevant to the care problem; read, interpret and evaluate primary and secondary sources in order to apply them in nursing / obstetric practice
Develop critical analysis skills for the scientific literature to deduce hypotheses that may be applied in clinical care. Apply the results of the studies in the context chosen, considering the point of view of patients, caregivers and experts. GYNECOLOGY ADVANCES: Learning outcomes: to provide an analysis of the best evidence regarding the clinical /management aspects of nursing and midwifery care applied to delivery, onco-gynecology and sexual violence. the course will also give strong fundations regarding leadership and chain of command.
PHARMACOLOGY: SAFETY SYSTEMS IN MEDICATION MANAGEMENT (FARMACOLOGIA: SISTEMI DI SICUREZZA NELLA GESTIONE DELLA TERAPIA): Learning outcomes: To provide the students with the main elements to understand and apply medication safety, care safety and clinical governance. To analyze the different strategies and pathways to ensure safe management of prescription drugs in hospitals and other health care settings.
To provide tools for the effective monitoring of prescription/administration of prescription drugs. To analyse the main problems related to the safety of certain categories of drugs and patients typologies (chronic, oncologic..)

Educational offer 2023/2024

ATTENTION: The details of the course (teacher, program, exam methods, etc.) will be published in the academic year in which it will be activated.
You can see the information sheet of this course delivered in a past academic year by clicking on one of the links below:

Career prospects

Module/Programme news

News for students

There you will find information, resources and services useful during your time at the University (Student’s exam record, your study plan on ESSE3, Distance Learning courses, university email account, office forms, administrative procedures, etc.). You can log into MyUnivr with your GIA login details: only in this way will you be able to receive notification of all the notices from your teachers and your secretariat via email and also via the Univr app.



Title Info File
File pdf GUIDA ALLA STESURA DELLA TESI pdf, it, 305 KB, 18/06/24

List of thesis proposals

theses proposals Research area
Effetti psicologici del CoViD sugli operatori sanitari Various topics
Il dismorfismo corporeo Various topics
Il fine vita: cure palliative, eutanasia e suicidio assistito Various topics
Il nichilismo tra i giovani: il fenomeno NEET Various topics
Il problema della donazione degli organi Various topics
Il sacrificio e l'assurdo Various topics
La medicina narrativa Various topics
Le cure palliative: dignità, cura e lutto Various topics
Persona e riduzionismo Various topics
Ricordo e ossessione Various topics

Gestione carriere

Orario lezioni

Ultimo aggiornamento orario lezioni: 18/06/2024


Title Info File
File pdf 00.Guida ai programmi - polo didattico di Verona pdf, it, 480 KB, 23/06/21
File octet-stream Attestato frequenza lezioni octet-stream, it, 1293 KB, 23/06/21
File pdf PRIMO ANNO SECONDO SEM. pdf, it, 269 KB, 18/06/24
File pdf SECONDO ANNO SECONDO SEM. pdf, it, 178 KB, 18/06/24



Title Info File
File pdf 00.Guida allo stage pdf, it, 543 KB, 05/10/22
File msword 01.Modulo firma presenze msword, it, 198 KB, 23/06/21
File octet-stream 02.Progetto formativo SEDE BOLZANO octet-stream, it, 1297 KB, 05/10/22
File octet-stream 02.Progetto formativo SEDE VERONA octet-stream, it, 1297 KB, 05/10/22
File octet-stream 03.Progetto formativo LOMBARDIA - SEDE BOLZANO octet-stream, it, 1324 KB, 05/10/22
File octet-stream 03.Progetto formativo LOMBARDIA - SEDE VERONA octet-stream, it, 1323 KB, 05/10/22
File msword 04.Modulo autoapprendimento per tutor msword, it, 44 KB, 23/06/21
File msword 05.Modulo valutazione msword, it, 104 KB, 23/06/21
File pdf FEB24_discussione report_programmazione pdf, it, 111 KB, 10/01/24
File pdf MAG-GIU24_discussione report_programmazione pdf, it, 112 KB, 09/05/24
File pdf MAR24_discussione report_programmazione pdf, it, 110 KB, 14/02/24
File pdf Offerta Formativa pdf, it, 168 KB, 18/06/24

Student login and resources

Appelli d'esame


Title Info File
File pdf Appelli LUG-SETT 2024 pdf, it, 130 KB, 17/06/24
File pdf Appelli MARZO APRILE 2024 pdf, it, 122 KB, 17/04/24
File pdf Metodologia della ricerca applicata ai contesti sanitari - RICERCA QUALITATIVA APPLICATA (20222023) - Appello 09.03.2023.pdf pdf, it, 154 KB, 16/03/23
File pdf Modulo richiesta esame a distanza pdf, it, 185 KB, 20/01/23
File octet-stream Presenza esame octet-stream, it, 1299 KB, 31/01/23

Guida ai programmi


Title Info File
File pdf guida_LMSIO_ 23-24 pdf, it, 620 KB, 15/02/24