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Liboi Elio Maria 0458027666

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Mantovani William

Mazzariol Annarita 045 8027690

Micciolo Rocco

Mottes Monica +39 045 8027 184

Olivieri Mario 045 8124921

Pertile Riccardo 0461 904694

Porru Stefano + 39 045 812 4294

Rizzi Corrado 045 802 7947

Scapini Patrizia 0458027556

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Vivori Cinzia

Zancanaro Carlo 045 802 7157 (Medicina) - 8425115 (Scienze Motorie)

Zoccatelli Gianni +39 045 802 7952

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TPALL 1° ANNO 2° SEMESTRE dal Feb 1, 2020 al May 31, 2020.

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Learning outcomes

• principles and methods of industrial/occupational hygiene, applied in the context of the work hygiene and the protection of health in the workplace;
• the role of occupational hygiene in risk assessment processes and the appropriate application of environmental monitoring;
• the methods of sampling, measuring and evaluating the main chemical, physical and biological risk factors (excluding radiation);
• the principles of ventilation, lighting and microclimate in the workplace


Occupational and industrial hygiene: definitions and general principles
Aims of industrial hygiene and its role within the prevention measures
Chemical, physical and biological agents
Normative requirements
Exposure assessment and risk assessment
Sampling and measurement strategies and methods
Validity of measurements and errors
The occupational limit values
General information on airborne pollutants (gas, vapors, dusts, fibers, fumes)
Sampling and measurement of airborne pollutants
Air quality control in the workplace: ventilation principles
Microclimate and lighting; measurement principles and methods

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B. Marchesini Igiene industriale. Guida alla valutazione e controllo dei rischi fisici, chimici e biologici in ambiente di lavoro II edizione, Maggioli Editore, Rimini 1999
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Examination Methods

Written test with multiple choice questions and free text questions


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