Corsi di perfezionamento e aggiornamento professionale - 2022/2023

Advanced/Professional Development course in English for the World of Work: Focus on professional speaking and writing skills

The Advanced, Professional Development Course “English for the World of Work”, now in its seventh edition, has been designed to respond to the needs of the Italian workplace, which increasingly requires specialized linguistic competence. The course aims, therefore, to strengthen and develop the participants’ English speaking and written skills in professional contexts. The course is mainly addressed to professionals already at work and to university students, although it may be highly useful to researchers, assistant researchers and doctoral students as well. Valeria Franceschi
Course director

Duration : Months 4  (ottobre 2022 - gennaio 2023)
CFU : 12
Attendance : 70% of hours carried out face to face/ synchronous videostreaming 90% of activities to be carried out online
Location: verona
Language : English
Mode of teaching : Blended mode
Type of Access : Scheduled access

Course enrollment

Requirements for admissions :

To access Advanced Courses participants must have already completed:
a) a three-year long degree awarded pursuant to Ministerial Decree no. 270 of 2004 or Ministerial Decree n. 509 of 1999;
b) a university degree of at least three years, according to the previous regulations;
c) a qualification issued abroad, recognized by current Italian legislation.

To access Professional Development Courses must have obtained a secondary education diploma or an equivalent qualification issued abroad, recognized by current Italian legislation

Minimum required English level for admittance on this course: B1.


Evaluation criteria for admission :

Curricula and qualifications will be evaluated
Highest priority will be given to level C2, followed by C1, B2 and B1 (minimum level of competence) (C2 = 10 points, C1 = 8 points, B2 = 6 points, B1 = 4 points). In case of candidates with the same scores, priority will be given to candidates with a three-year degree (priority given according to graduation mark), then to candidates currently enrolled in a three-year degree program, with priority given to current exam average.


How to enrol
Available places :

Minimum 14
Maximum 28
NO auditors admitted

Tuition fee: 516€ Taxes and Contributions
Registration deadline: September 5, 2022

Study plan

Discover all the learning activities available to you during your time at the University in the academic year 2022/2023.

Credits 1.0
Intercultural Communication
Credits 1.0
Interpersonal Communication in the workplace
Credits 1.0
Professional identity 1: creation of a digital profile
Credits 1.0
Professional identity 2: writing your curriculum vitae
Credits 1.0
Online interaction: e-mail, twitter, facebook, instagram
Credits 1.0
Spoken interaction 1: introduction to pronunciation