Dottorati di ricerca - 40° Ciclo

PhD in Neuroscience, Psychological and Psychiatric Sciences, and Movement Sciences

Duration : 3 years
CFU : 180
Class attendance requirements : Onsite and Online
Administrative headquarters : University of Verona
Delivery languages : Italian, English
Macro Area : Life and Health Sciences
Type of Access : Comparative evaluation of application credentials and interview

How to apply

Admission requirements :

To be admitted to the Ph.D. Programme, applicants must participate in an open competition based on qualifications and examinations. Admission is by limited positions.

Applications may be submitted, without age or nationality restrictions, by candidates who:

  • have studied in Italy and hold a qualification such as laurea magistrale, laurea specialistica or laurea del vecchio ordinamento (pre D.M. 509/1999)
  • hold a university degree equivalent to the degrees mentioned above (Master of Science/Art), which grants access to the doctorate in the country where they completed their university studies.

Professional qualifications (e.g., Master of Business Administration - MBA, Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery - MBBS, etc.) do not grant access to PhD studies.

Those who will graduate by the date of enrolment in the Ph.D. program may also apply and participate in the competition.

Evaluation criteria for admission :

The selection procedure aims to ascertain the applicants’ academic background and scientific research aptitude to ensure an appropriate comparative assessment.

The Call for Applications sets out details about examination and assessment criteria.

Taxes and Contributions :

Ph.D. students holding a scholarship must pay a single instalment at the time of enrolment of € 452.00 (€186.00 regional tax + €250.00 University fees + € 16.00 stamp duty)

Ph.D. students who do not hold a scholarship are exempt from payment of University fees and must pay a single instalment at the time of enrolment of € 202.00 (€186.00 regional tax + € 16.00 stamp duty)

How to Apply

Study plan

Discover all the learning activities available to you during your time at the University in the academic year 2023/2024.

Credits 2.0
Bodily-self perception in healthy and pathological conditions
Credits 2.0
Differential diagnosis of demyelinating diseases of the central nervous system
Credits 2.0
Cambiamenti nell'architettura muscolare durante contrazione (nel sano e nel malato)
Credits 0.75
L'etica nelle accademie: dal produrre ricerca all'essere ricercatrice/ricercatore
Credits 1.0
sleep related disoders: focus on REM and NREM parasomnia and SR movement disorders
Credits 0.75
Introduzione alla neurofisiologia intraoperatoria nella chirurgia dei gliomi cerebrali