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A.A. 2021/2022

Academic calendar

Il calendario accademico riporta le scadenze, gli adempimenti e i periodi rilevanti per la componente studentesca, personale docente e personale dell'Università. Sono inoltre indicate le festività e le chiusure ufficiali dell'Ateneo.
L’anno accademico inizia il 1° ottobre e termina il 30 settembre dell'anno successivo.

Academic calendar

Course calendar

The Academic Calendar sets out the degree programme lecture and exam timetables, as well as the relevant university closure dates. For further information, please get in touch with Operational unit: Economics Teaching and Student Services Unit

Definition of lesson periods
Period From To
primo semestre (lauree magistrali) Oct 4, 2021 Dec 17, 2021
secondo semestre (lauree magistrali) Feb 21, 2022 May 13, 2022

Exam calendar

The exam roll calls are centrally administered by the operational unit  Economics Teaching and Student Services Unit
Exam Session Calendar and Roll call enrolment sistema ESSE3 .If you forget your password to the online services, please contact the technical office in your Faculty.

Exam calendar

Per dubbi o domande Read the answers to the more serious and frequent questions - F.A.Q. Examination enrolment

Academic staff


Andreoli Francesco 045 802 8102

Fiorentini Riccardo 0444 393934 (VI) - 045 802 8335(VR)

Florio Cristina 045 802 8296

Fratea Caterina 045 802 8858

Mancini Cecilia

Quercia Simone 045 802 8237

Ricciuti Roberto 0458028417

Roffia Paolo 045 802 8012

Rossi Francesca 045 802 8098

Rossignoli Francesca 0444 393941 (Ufficio Vicenza) 0458028261 (Ufficio Verona)

Russo Ivan 045 802 8161 (VR)

Zago Angelo 045 802 8414

Study Plan

The Study Plan includes all modules, teaching and learning activities that each student will need to undertake during their time at the University. Please select your Study Plan based on your enrolment year.

One module between the following
Teachings Credits TAF SSD
Between the years: 1°- 2°
Further language skills
Between the years: 1°- 2°

Legend | Type of training activity (TTA)

TAF (Type of Educational Activity) All courses and activities are classified into different types of educational activities, indicated by a letter.

SPlacements in companies, public or private institutions and professional associations

Teaching code




Scientific Disciplinary Sector (SSD)


Learning outcomes

The course aims at giving students knowledge of causes and effects of international trade, of trade policies and of the role of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) in the regulation of world trade. Thanks to participation in classroom seminars and workgroups students shall improve their communication skills and upon completion of the course students shall be able to understand the dynamics of international trade and use both economic theory and the main international databases in order to evaluate the impact of international trade flows on countries specialisation in production and domestic welfare.

Educational offer 2020/2021

The details (teacher, program, exam methods, etc.) will be published in the academic year of delivery of the course. To consult the course sheet of a previous academic year, select the teaching plan of an academic year of enrollment prior to yours.

International Economics (2020/2021)

Tipologia di Attività formativa D e F

Academic year

Course not yet included

Career prospects

Avvisi degli insegnamenti e del corso di studio

Per la comunità studentesca

Se sei già iscritta/o a un corso di studio, puoi consultare tutti gli avvisi relativi al tuo corso di studi nella tua area riservata MyUnivr.
In questo portale potrai visualizzare informazioni, risorse e servizi utili che riguardano la tua carriera universitaria (libretto online, gestione della carriera Esse3, corsi e-learning, email istituzionale, modulistica di segreteria, procedure amministrative, ecc.).
Entra in MyUnivr con le tue credenziali GIA.


List of theses and work experience proposals

theses proposals Research area
Per maggiori informazioni... Various topics


Linguistic training CLA

Double degree

Thanks to a network of agreements with foreign universities, the University of Verona offers international training courses that allow the acquisition of a double degree. Admission to a dual-degree program allows to simultaneously achieve, over the course of a normal cycle of studies (usually two years, of which a part is carried out abroad), both the degree of the University of Verona and the degree issued by the Partner university, ensuring that the degree diploma is recognized in both countries.

Access to the dual qualification (as well as any financial support) is regulated by specific calls, and the number of places is limited.

The selection of students (up to five) wishing to follow the path for the double degree with the University of Bordeaux takes place in three distinct periods

  • Call 1: deadline end of June 2020, 1 post.
  • Call 2: deadline second half of September 2020, 2 places.
  • Call 3: deadline February 2021, 2 places.


The admission criteria are the same for admission to the LM in IEB; notice however that

- the first two calls are open only to economics major graduates of economic classes; among the selection criteria, we consider the average marks reported in the exams of their three-year bachelor degree, together with the results of an interview;

- the third call is open to all students enrolled in the first year of the MSc in IEB; the criteria in this call include also the ECTS and the marks obtained in the winter examination session (January and February 2021) of the master's degree;

- for all three calls, credits (ECTS) and marks obtained in the winter examination session of the master's degree are included in the confirmation criteria.

The distinction between calls 1-2 and 3 is due to the agreement with the French partner university and the need to ensure the participation of students who are able to profitably attend the economic courses designed in Bordeaux. Therefore, the selection of students with a bachelor different from Economics will be based also on the results achieved in the first session of the master's degree exams.

In any case, the results achieved in the MSc exams for all three calls (and therefore students) will be included in the confirmation criteria.

Selected students will participate in the Erasmus call to take advantage of reserved Eramsus+ scholarships. Any post not assigned in the first calls will be reassigned up to the end of the third call.

Further services

I servizi e le attività di orientamento sono pensati per fornire alle future matricole gli strumenti e le informazioni che consentano loro di compiere una scelta consapevole del corso di studi universitario.