Master - 2021/2022

Master in oxygen-ozone therapy in the medical practice: from basic mechanisms to treatment (2° Livello)

The Master is addressed to graduates in Medicine and Surgery and aims to respond to the strong demand for highly professional courses in oxygen-ozone therapy, a field of growing interest in Italy and abroad. Lessons will be given by teachers of the University of Verona and other Italian and foreign institutions as well as by Italian and foreign experts of recognized scientific and clinical competence. The educational offer will range from basic notions to the latest research findings, from the therapeutic applications in various medical fields to the medico-legal aspects; consistent with the international character of the course, this will be done in the frame of a theoretical-practical formative context characterised by the exchange of scientific, technical and therapeutic experience. Manuela Malatesta
Course director

Duration : years 1  (gennaio 2022 - dicembre 2022)
CFU : 60
Attendance : 70% of the total hours’ amount. The presence will be verified based on the access (through the personal student’s credentials) to the teaching platform.
Location: verona
Language : English
Mode of teaching : Blended mode
Type of Access : Scheduled access

Course enrollment

Requirements for admissions :

To access Masters’ programmes it is necessary to have:
a) a degree in Medicine and Surgery awarded pursuant to Ministerial Decree no. 270 of 2004 or Ministerial Decree n. 509 of 1999 or according to the previous regulations;
b) a qualification issued abroad, recognized by current Italian legislation.

Evaluation criteria for admission :

Curriculum Vitae

Benefit and incentives

A series of benefits and incentives are made available to students enrolling at the University in the academic year 2021/2022. To find out more, see the relevant Call for applications, and the relevant web page section.

How to enrol
Available places :

25/NO maximum number

Tuition fee: 4,016€ Taxes and Contributions
Registration deadline: November 15, 2021

Study plan

Discover all the learning activities available to you during your time at the University in the academic year 2021/2022.

Credits 5.0
Oxygen-ozone therapy: basics and history
Credits 3.0
Biological effects of oxygen-ozone administration: the scientific evidence
Credits 5.0
Administration procedures of medical ozone
Credits 5.0
Therapeutic application of oxygen-ozone to orthopedics and rheumatology
Credits 2.0
Therapeutic application of oxygen-ozone to vascular pathologies
Credits 2.0
Therapeutic application of oxygen-ozone to cardiology and pneumology