Studying at the University of Verona

Here you can find information on the organisational aspects of the Programme, lecture timetables, learning activities and useful contact details for your time at the University, from enrolment to graduation.

Academic calendar

The academic calendar shows the deadlines and scheduled events that are relevant to students, teaching and technical-administrative staff of the University. Public holidays and University closures are also indicated. The academic year normally begins on 1 October each year and ends on 30 September of the following year.

Academic calendar

Course calendar

The Academic Calendar sets out the degree programme lecture and exam timetables, as well as the relevant university closure dates..

Definition of lesson periods
Period From To
1° e 2° semestre (corsi annuali) PROFESSIONI SANITARIE Oct 1, 2021 Sep 30, 2022
Degree sessions
Session From To
1^ SESSIONE A.A. 2020/2021 Oct 1, 2021 Nov 30, 2021
2^ SESSIONE A.A. 2020/2021 Mar 1, 2022 Apr 30, 2022
Period From To
Festa di Tutti i Santi Nov 1, 2021 Nov 1, 2021
Festa dell'Immacolata Concezione Dec 8, 2021 Dec 8, 2021
Festa della Liberazione Apr 25, 2022 Apr 25, 2022
Festa della Repubblica Jun 2, 2022 Jun 2, 2022

Exam calendar

Exam dates and rounds are managed by the relevant Medicine Teaching and Student Services Unit.
To view all the exam sessions available, please use the Exam dashboard on ESSE3.
If you forgot your login details or have problems logging in, please contact the relevant IT HelpDesk, or check the login details recovery web page.

Exam calendar

Should you have any doubts or questions, please check the Enrollment FAQs

Academic staff


Baldo Michela

symbol email symbol phone-number +39 0458122901

Bencivenga Maria

symbol email symbol phone-number +39 045 812 7053

Bertani Michele

symbol email

Boaretti Marzia

symbol email symbol phone-number 045 8027661

Bortolotti Federica

symbol email symbol phone-number 045 8124618

Caminati Marco

symbol email symbol phone-number 0458124401

Canzan Federica

symbol email symbol phone-number 0458027253- 7288

Costa Maria Chiara

symbol email symbol phone-number 0444754709

Cunico Laura

symbol email

Cuzzolin Laura

symbol email symbol phone-number 0458027609

Dal Santo Letizia

symbol email symbol phone-number 3290380630

De Marchi Sergio

symbol email symbol phone-number +39 045 8126813-4

Donadello Katia

symbol email symbol phone-number +39 045 812 4311

Fantin Francesco

symbol email symbol phone-number +39 045 812 3577

Galie' Mirco

symbol email symbol phone-number +39.045.8027681

Gnata Chiara

symbol email

Longhini Jessica

symbol email

Malleo Giuseppe

symbol email symbol phone-number +39 0458126008

Maluta Tommaso

symbol email

Mariotti Raffaella

symbol email symbol phone-number 0458027164

Martinelli Nicola

symbol email symbol phone-number +39 045 812 6658

Montioli Riccardo

symbol email symbol phone-number +39 045 802 7170

Morandi Anita

symbol email symbol phone-number 045/8127659

Moretti Ugo

symbol email symbol phone-number 0458027602; 0458124245

Nose' Michela

symbol email symbol phone-number 0458124929

Patuzzo Sara

symbol email symbol phone-number 0458121830

Pizzini Francesca Benedetta

symbol email symbol phone-number 00390458124301

Pizzolo Francesca

symbol email symbol phone-number 045-8126490

Righi Elda

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Scupoli Maria

symbol email symbol phone-number 045-8027405 045-8128425

Siani Roberta

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Sorio Claudio

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Tamburin Stefano

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Tardivo Stefano

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Tollini Morena

symbol email symbol phone-number 0442/622137

Trombetta Maddalena

symbol email symbol phone-number + 39 045 8123747

Zanatta Mirko

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Zanolin Maria Elisabetta

symbol email symbol phone-number +39 045 802 7654

Study Plan

The Study Plan includes all modules, teaching and learning activities that each student will need to undertake during their time at the University.
Please select your Study Plan based on your enrollment year.

2° Year  activated in the A.Y. 2022/2023

MED/09 ,MED/13 ,MED/26 ,MED/34 ,MED/45
MED/18 ,MED/33 ,MED/41 ,MED/45
MED/06 ,MED/09 ,MED/10 ,MED/11 ,MED/17 ,MED/45
activated in the A.Y. 2022/2023
MED/09 ,MED/13 ,MED/26 ,MED/34 ,MED/45
MED/18 ,MED/33 ,MED/41 ,MED/45
MED/06 ,MED/09 ,MED/10 ,MED/11 ,MED/17 ,MED/45

Legend | Type of training activity (TTA)

TAF (Type of Educational Activity) All courses and activities are classified into different types of educational activities, indicated by a letter.

S Placements in companies, public or private institutions and professional associations

Teaching code



Paola Scalzotto





Scientific Disciplinary Sector (SSD)



1° e 2° semestre (corsi annuali) PROFESSIONI SANITARIE dal Oct 3, 2022 al Sep 30, 2023.

Learning objectives

The clinical simulation has the purpose to let the students learn some organizational, technical-practical and relational skills in safe setting. Moreover clinical simulation is aiming at develop in the student the problem solving ability using case method and role-playing . Using clinical simulation may reduce the emotional impact in dealing with patents’ real situation experienced by the nursing students in clinical setting. Also, the clinical simulation offers to the students the opportunity to train and apply theoretical principles to clinical practice. The clinical simulation activity happens in equipped settings, where a tutor or an expert nurse guides a small group of students.

Prerequisites and basic notions

The skills considered indispensable in the three-year period are skills: - techniques (such as, for example, maneuvers for positioning the assistance, personal care, ...); - assessment and objective examination; - safety: hand washing, use of PPE, infection prevention measures.


The skills considered essential in the three-year period are:
- Venipuncture and capillary sampling
- Realize the safe administration of oral medications
- Aspirate and dilute drugs and perform intramuscular and subcutaneous injection
- Place a peripheral venous catheter and connect it to the infusion line
- Make calculations and know how to read a prescription for drugs
- Professional communication techniques applied to practical situations
- Calculate and interpret the budget of income and expenses
- Make decisions for the management of the person with heart failure
- Develop self-care skills in the person with an ostomy


Visualizza la bibliografia con Leganto, strumento che il Sistema Bibliotecario mette a disposizione per recuperare i testi in programma d'esame in modo semplice e innovativo.

Didactic methods

The laboratory activity takes place in equipped environments, with small groups of students led by a teacher. According to the type of skills to be developed, practical training sessions with static mannequins and high fidelity simulators can be organized; sessions of reading, analysis and discussion of cases, situations, therapeutic schemes, bibliographic sources; role-playing with standardized and simulated patient / operator.

Learning assessment procedures

Practical test

Students with disabilities or specific learning disorders (SLD), who intend to request the adaptation of the exam, must follow the instructions given HERE

Evaluation criteria

At the end of the course year the teacher will formulate the opinion of "approved" on the exam report, taking into account the regular and certified attendance (100% compulsory) of the student in the laboratories with any recovery of absences and any gaps in the individual skills.

Criteria for the composition of the final grade

Approved / Not approved

Exam language


Career prospects

Module/Programme news

News for students

There you will find information, resources and services useful during your time at the University (Student’s exam record, your study plan on ESSE3, Distance Learning courses, university email account, office forms, administrative procedures, etc.). You can log into MyUnivr with your GIA login details: only in this way will you be able to receive notification of all the notices from your teachers and your secretariat via email and also via the Univr app.

Gestione carriere

Orario lezioni

Si invitano gli studenti a prendere visione dei possibili aggiornamenti.

Indicazioni per l'iscrizione alla pagina moodle degli insegnamenti per il 1° anno

Si pubblica la programmazione annuale dell'attività didattica e tirocinio per l'anno accademico 2023-2024

AGGIORNAMENTO  25  MARZO 2024 Calendario lezioni 1°A. 2° semestre  A.A. 2023/2024 

AGGIORNAMENTO 15 APRILE 2024 Calendario lezioni 3° anno 2° semestre  A.A 2023/2024

AGGIORNAMENTO COMPLETO 3 GIUGNO 2024 Calendario lezioni 2° anno 2° semestre 2023/2024




Guida ai programmi degli insegnamenti

La Guida ai programmi degli insegnamenti in allegato è uno strumento di sintesi e orientamento per lo studente, creato da un gruppo di lavoro interno alla Commissione didattica del CdS.

Per tutte le attvità previste dal piano di studi sono descritte: le finalità, i contenuti e integrazioni, learning outcome, i metodi  di insegnamento e valutazione e bilbliografia essenziale



Title Info File
File pdf Guida ai programmi degli insegnamenti pdf, it, 1581 KB, 11/07/24



Linee guida per riconoscimento cfu

Lo studente che intende chiedere il riconoscimento di moduli o insegnamenti pregressi dovrà presentare domanda, entro il 30 novembre dell’anno accademico in corso, seguendo le indicazioni indicate al link seguente:


Title Info File
File pdf linee guida per riconoscimento cfu pdf, it, 295 KB, 09/11/21

Appelli d'esame

Calendario appelli d'esame sessione estiva LUGLIO 2024  1° Anno

Calendario appelli d'esame sessione estiva LUGLIO 2024 2° Anno

Calendario appelli d'esame sessione autunnale SETTEMBRE 2024 1° 2° 3° Anno


Student login and resources

Attività didattiche regime part-time

Modalità di richiesta

La domanda di iscrizione part-time può essere presentata all'inizio di ogni anno accademico e comunque entro il 30 novembre di ogni anno. Entro lo stesso termine, se necessario, lo studente potrà richiedere di tornare al regime full-time. Al link seguente la pagina del servizio

Una volta inviata la domanda, lo studente concorda in via preventiva con il Coordinatore della didattica professionale (CDP), il piano di studi che intende perseguire nel periodo di part-time compilando il modulo in allegato 


Title Info File
File octet-stream Modulo piano di studi part-time da concordare con CDP octet-stream, it, 1309 KB, 21/10/22