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Here you can find information on the organisational aspects of the Programme, lecture timetables, learning activities and useful contact details for your time at the University, from enrolment to graduation.

Academic calendar

The academic calendar shows the deadlines and scheduled events that are relevant to students, teaching and technical-administrative staff of the University. Public holidays and University closures are also indicated. The academic year normally begins on 1 October each year and ends on 30 September of the following year.

Academic calendar

Course calendar

The Academic Calendar sets out the degree programme lecture and exam timetables, as well as the relevant university closure dates..

Definition of lesson periods
Period From To
1° e 2° semestre (corsi annuali) PROFESSIONI SANITARIE Oct 3, 2022 Sep 30, 2023
Exam sessions
Session From To
INF BZ SESSIONE INVERNALE Jan 9, 2023 Jan 31, 2023
INF BZ SESSIONE ESTIVA Jun 5, 2023 Jul 21, 2023
Degree sessions
Session From To
SESSIONE AUTUNNALE Oct 1, 2023 Nov 30, 2023
SESSIONE PRIMAVERILE Mar 1, 2024 Apr 30, 2024
Period From To
FESTIVITA' DI OGNISSANTI Nov 1, 2022 Nov 1, 2022
VACANZE DI NATALE Dec 24, 2022 Jan 8, 2023
VACANZE DI PASQUA Apr 7, 2023 Apr 10, 2023
FESTA DELLA LIBERAZIONE Apr 25, 2023 Apr 25, 2023
FESTA DEL LAVORO May 1, 2023 May 1, 2023
Other Periods
Description Period From To
INF BZ TIR 3 ANNO 1 ESP INF BZ TIR 3 ANNO 1 ESP Nov 14, 2022 Dec 23, 2022
INF BZ TIR 2 ANNO 1 ESP INF BZ TIR 2 ANNO 1 ESP Feb 13, 2023 Apr 24, 2023
INF BZ TIR 1 ANNO 1 ESP INF BZ TIR 1 ANNO 1 ESP Apr 26, 2023 Jun 1, 2023
INF BZ TIR 3 ANNO 2 ESP INF BZ TIR 3 ANNO 2 ESP May 15, 2023 Jun 23, 2023
INF BZ TIR 1 ANNO 2 ESP INF BZ TIR 1 ANNO 2 ESP Jun 26, 2023 Jul 28, 2023
INF BZ TIR 3 ANNO 3 ESP INF BZ TIR 3 ANNO 3 ESP Jul 10, 2023 Aug 11, 2023
INF BZ TIR 2 ANNO 2 ESP INF BZ TIR 2 ANNO 2 ESP Aug 21, 2023 Sep 22, 2023

Exam calendar

Exam dates and rounds are managed by the relevant Medicine Teaching and Student Services Unit.
To view all the exam sessions available, please use the Exam dashboard on ESSE3.
If you forgot your login details or have problems logging in, please contact the relevant IT HelpDesk, or check the login details recovery web page.

Exam calendar

Should you have any doubts or questions, please check the Enrollment FAQs

Academic staff


Accordini Simone

symbol email symbol phone-number +39 045 8027657

Berenzi Paolo

symbol email symbol phone-number 0471416220

Bertini Giuseppe

symbol email symbol phone-number 045-802-7682

Cavada Maria Luisa

symbol email symbol phone-number 0471/442620

Fabene Paolo

symbol email symbol phone-number 0458027267

Fava Cristiano

symbol email symbol phone-number +39 045 8124732

Ferrari Claudia

symbol email symbol phone-number 3384586054

Gajofatto Alberto

symbol email symbol phone-number +39 0458126765

Landuzzi Maria Gabriella

symbol email symbol phone-number +39 045 802 8547

Liziero Luciano

symbol email symbol phone-number 0429715599/1

Mazzariol Annarita

symbol email symbol phone-number 045 8027690

Pelizzari Nicola

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Pilotto Sara

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Polettini Aldo Eliano

symbol email symbol phone-number 3337475432

Righi Elda

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Rossi Barbara

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Senna Gianenrico

symbol email symbol phone-number +390456165

Tardivo Stefano

symbol email symbol phone-number +39 045 802 7660

Valer Luisa

symbol email

Study Plan

The Study Plan includes all modules, teaching and learning activities that each student will need to undertake during their time at the University.
Please select your Study Plan based on your enrollment year.

2° Year  activated in the A.Y. 2023/2024

MED/09 ,MED/13 ,MED/26 ,MED/34 ,MED/45
MED/18 ,MED/33 ,MED/41 ,MED/45
MED/06 ,MED/09 ,MED/10 ,MED/11 ,MED/17 ,MED/45
activated in the A.Y. 2023/2024
MED/09 ,MED/13 ,MED/26 ,MED/34 ,MED/45
MED/18 ,MED/33 ,MED/41 ,MED/45
MED/06 ,MED/09 ,MED/10 ,MED/11 ,MED/17 ,MED/45

Legend | Type of training activity (TTA)

TAF (Type of Educational Activity) All courses and activities are classified into different types of educational activities, indicated by a letter.

S Placements in companies, public or private institutions and professional associations

Teaching code






Scientific Disciplinary Sector (SSD)



1° e 2° semestre (corsi annuali) PROFESSIONI SANITARIE dal Oct 3, 2022 al Sep 30, 2023.

Learning objectives

The course aims to develop students' skills in comprehension and production, both written and oral, of scientific texts. Particular attention will be given to the lexical, syntactic, phonological and pragmatic aspects of medical English.

Prerequisites and basic notions

Before starting this course, students should have acquired fairly good competence in English level B1. We strongly suggest further practice of basic skills for those who do not have this prerequisite. Supplementary online material will be provided via website for students who have a poor background in English (lower than B1). In such cases, further tutorial support may be provided on request. Please contact your lecturer for further information.


The course will provide students with the skills to understand and produce descriptions of Nursing and EBN texts. During the course students will analyse scientific articles related to the nursing profession.
The program also includes the analysis and understanding of videos regarding nursing and therapeutic dialogues with the patient and then reformulate communicative situations of assessment and patient education.
The course offers students the guidelines for therapeutic communication in English based on the principles of caring and compassion.
A large part of the course is dedicated to the glossary with attention to the translation of acronyms and scientific terminology.
In particular;
1. Use of medical vocabulary (lay terms and scientific terms), Fundamentals of the anatomy and physiology of the
main body systems.
2. Main diseases of the human body, signs, and symptoms. Spread of infections and infection prevention.
The concept of pain.
3. Diagnostic and screening tools. Therapeutic strategies and surgical approaches. Pain treatment. Pharmacological
4. Medical records, medical assessment, and healthcare documents. Nursing assessment, nursing diagnosis,
nursing documentation and recording systems. Nursing process and nursing plan of care.
5. Nurse - patient interaction, strategies for cross-cultural health professional - patient communication

Didactic methods

Lectures (36 hours), instructional videos to support the study of the monographic material and the student’s study of academic vocabulary. Lectures provide students with the necessary tools to analyse and discuss oral and written texts concerning the main areas of English for medical purposes and academic English, as well as ones that are fundamentals for the mastery of linguistic-communicative and pragmatic-linguistic skills that are required to understand and produce texts in English at a B2 level.
Nevertheless students are required to pursuit additional individual knowledge and elaboration of the material proposed (self-studying)

Learning assessment procedures

The final examination consists of a written test. This test will be administered by means of a computerised test. The examination will be held in person at the university and will involve the use of the student's own electronic device (tablet/laptop equipped with the minimum requirements to access the Wifi network and the GSuite examination platform). If the student does not have a suitable device, he/she must communicate this when registering for the exam. In this case, the board will provide a paper version of the test to sit under the same conditions.
The final examination consists of a written test. This test may also be administered electronically, by means of a computerised test.
The written exam aims at assessing students’ written comprehension/production (B2 level) through cloze tests and true/false, multiple choice and close ended questions and/or written compositions.
The texts contained in the exercises will be extracted from healthcare documentation in English (medical records, medical history forms, delivery reports) or transcripts of congress/seminar reports, abstracts or posters in English.
The final evaluation is based on the efficiency of the implemented methods, the completion and accuracy of the answers, and the clarity of the presentation of contents.
The final mark is expressed in PASS/FAIL.
No dictionaries are permitted.

Students with disabilities or specific learning disorders (SLD), who intend to request the adaptation of the exam, must follow the instructions given HERE

Evaluation criteria

The final evaluation is based on the efficiency of the implemented methods, the completion and accuracy of the answers, and the clarity of the presentation of contents.

Criteria for the composition of the final grade

The final mark is expressed in PASS/FAIL.

Exam language


Career prospects

Module/Programme news

News for students

There you will find information, resources and services useful during your time at the University (Student’s exam record, your study plan on ESSE3, Distance Learning courses, university email account, office forms, administrative procedures, etc.). You can log into MyUnivr with your GIA login details: only in this way will you be able to receive notification of all the notices from your teachers and your secretariat via email and soon also via the Univr app.

Gestione carriere

Orario lezioni


Carissime Studentesse,

Carissimi Studenti,

di seguito un promemoria relativo alle modalità di erogazione della didattica per il corso di studio in Infermieristica A.A. 2022/2023.

In ottemperanza alle linee guida della Commissione didattica di Ateneo, che prevedono una didattica improntata ad un pieno recupero delle modalità regolari di erogazione in presenza, la Commissione didattica del CdL nella seduta del 29 settembre 2022, ha deliberato il pieno ritorno all’utilizzo della didattica frontale in presenza.

Solo nei casi di comprovata positività al COVID-19, e/o in situazioni di particolare fragilità (sempre correlate alla pandemia) sarà previsto il collegamento sincrono in  modalità streaming; a tal proposito ogni Docente, sulla propria pagina web, darà chiare indicazioni sulla modalità di fruizione della didattica.

La modalità asincrona (registrazioni delle lezioni) non è prevista.

Nell’augurarvi un buon Anno Accademico, vi saluto cordialmente

Prof. Paolo F Fabene

Guida ai programmi degli insegnamenti

Guida ai programmi degli insegnamenti


Title Info File
File pdf Guida ai programmi degli insegnamenti pdf, it, 1594 KB, 12/12/22
File pdf Guida ai programmi degli insegnamenti - inglese pdf, it, 1310 KB, 02/09/21

Linee guida per riconoscimento cfu

Lo studente che intende chiedere il riconoscimento di moduli o insegnamenti pregressi dovrà presentare domanda, entro il 30 novembre dell’anno accademico in corso, seguendo le indicazioni indicate al link seguente:


Title Info File
File pdf linee guida per riconoscimento cfu pdf, it, 295 KB, 09/11/21

Student login and resources

Attività didattiche regime part-time

Modalità di richiesta

La domanda di iscrizione part-time può essere presentata all'inizio di ogni anno accademico e comunque entro il 30 novembre di ogni anno. Entro lo stesso termine, se necessario, lo studente potrà richiedere di tornare al regime full-time. Al link seguente la pagina del servizio

Una volta inviata la domanda, lo studente concorda in via preventiva con il Coordinatore della didattica professionale (CDP), il piano di studi che intende perseguire nel periodo di part-time compilando il modulo in allegato 


Title Info File
File octet-stream Modulo piano di studi part-time da concordare con CDP octet-stream, it, 1309 KB, 21/10/22