How to enrol

A.A. 2021/2022

How to enrol

The Study Course in Physiotherapy (to qualify as a physiotherapist) (Verona) it has scheduled access and requires the passing of a compulsory admission test, defined in the competition announcement. This test gives access to an admission ranking and enrollment in the course is conditioned by the position occupied in the ranking itself.
The Course also offers the possibility of part-time enrollment, for more information consult the part-time courses service.

Available places:



1° Installment

339 euro

2° e 3° Installment

€ Variable

To calculate the second and third instalments, please see the student Fees Guide at University contributions

How to enrol

1. Read the Call for applications carefully. Please note: this summary does not replace the original Call for applications, which candidates are expected to fully know at the time of their registration for the Call.

2. Register on ESSE3.

3. Submit your application on ESSE3 and select the degree programme you intend to apply for.

PLEASE NOTE: you can choose up to 3 degree programmes/universities when you apply, and you will be asked to list them in order of preference. Please carefully consider the order of preference, since your admission to one programme may depend on this.

4. On your ‘Payment dashboard’ on ESSE3 pay the first instalment of your student fees via PagoPA, by the deadline set out in the Call for applications.

5. Take the Admission Test as set out in the Call.

6. Check the ‘graduatoria’, or list of students eligible for admission. Your status will appear as one of the following:

  1. Ammessa/o (vincitrice/vincitore) - Eligible and admitted: you have been included among the admitted applicants, and therefore can submit your application for enrolment by the deadline and in the ways set out in the Call for applications, or in the subsequent selection notices.
  2. Non ammessa/o ma idonea/o - Eligible but not admitted: you have not been admitted, nor rejected. This means that, despite not being selected in the first round, there are still places available, and you might still be selected at a later stage of the selection process. Please check the relevant updates and selection notices and, if admitted, you will be able to submit your application by the deadline and in the ways set out in the selection notice.

Step 2 – Enrol 

7. If you are on the list of eligible students (graduatoria), or if you have been selected at a later stage of the selection process, enrol on ESSE3 by the deadline set out in the Call for applications, or in the notice of selection. To complete your enrolment you will need to scan and upload a passport photo. Should you need help, please see: 'How to add your photo'. 

8. On your ‘Payment dashboard’ on ESSE3 pay the first instalment of your student fees via  PagoPA, by the deadline set out in the Call for applications or in the selection notice.

9. Wait for confirmation email. Please note: you will not receive the confirmation email immediately, since the Enrolment Office will need to process and check your documents and qualifications before confirming your enrolment.


Students with disabilities and SLD/learning disabilities

Admission tests for limited-entry degree programmes are organised taking into account the needs of candidates with disabilities or SLD/learning disabilities, and their right to take part in the tests on a fair and equal basis. For more information: Supporto per le prove di ammissione


Extra-EU Students

1. Submit your application to the local Italian Embassy or Consulate on UNIVERSITALY:;

2. register on ESSE3;

3. wait for the email confirming your successful application submission (your application will be received and recorded automatically by the system);

4. pay the application fee (as indicated in your email of confirmation);

5. take and pass the Admission test, as set out in the relevant Call for applications;

6. take the Italian language test by CISIA (if you are not exempt from taking it) following the instructions that will be made available on the web page of the degree programme in the ‘How to enrol’ section. A dedicated web page is also available on the CISIA website ( > ‘Altri test’); 

7. check with the International Student Desk of the University of Verona whether your qualification is suitable for entry to your chosen degree programme;

8. if you are among the successful applicants, wait for confirmation email from the University. 

Non-EU students who have not been exempted from taking the Italian language test (ITA-L2@CASA test) are advised that they must take it on one of the following days: 27/08/2021,  17/09/2021, or 7/10/2021.
In order for the University offices to register your attendance, please notify your chosen date at least two weeks before the test is due to take place by writing to:


HELP center iscrizioni

Il numero unico immatricolazioni, attivo nel periodo estivo, rappresenta un riferimento univoco riguardo alle iscrizioni ai corsi, alle scadenze da rispettare e alle procedure da seguire. Un team di studentesse e studenti tutor specializzati è a disposizione per rispondere alle domande delle future matricole.


FAQ - domande sull'iscrizione

Consulta le domande ricorrenti per trovare una risposta ai tuoi dubbi sulle procedure di immatricolazione e le modalità d'accesso ai vari corsi di primo e secondo livello, ad accesso libero e programmato, dell'Università di Verona.