Medical Postgraduate Specialisations and State Exams Unit

This unit is responsible for:
  •  Managing teaching assignments by external lecturers.
  •  Supporting directors – interacting with the postgraduate specialisation administration offices to plan and manage study programmes (RAD database, U-Gov and ESSE3).
  •  Managing agreements for an educational network of postgraduate specialisations (residencies) and drafting agreements for the funding of additional contracts.
  •  Managing contract professors.
  •  Managing limited-entry specialisation programmes and the enrolment process for these.
  •  Managing the academic records and training contracts of trainee doctors.
  • Overseeing the state exams for Medicine and Surgery, and Dentistry.

Doctors in specialist training - clarification

It is hereby specified that doctors in specialist training (‘specializzandi’ in Italian) in their fourth and fifth year who are hired by the Italian National Health Service pursuant to Decree Law no. 14 of 9 March 2020, shall not lose any rights with regard to their specialisation programme, as set out in the same decree.

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Policlinico "G. B. Rossi" - Lente Didattica - Piano 0 Scala F- P.le Scuro,10 - 37134 Verona

Phone contacts

+39 045 8027237-7244 (carriere)

Further services

Inclusion and Accessibility +39 045 802 8003
The Inclusion and Accessibility Office provides support to students with disabilities and Specific Learning Disorder (SLD)/learning disabilities from enrolment to graduation.

Job Placement Unit 045 802 8502
The Job Placement Office provides students with information and support on internships, career service opportunities and events.