How to enrol

How to enrol

Has been published the new admission news for the academic year 2023/2024 containing all the information necessary for enrollment.

Type of Access
This is a limited-entry programme. See admission requirements.
Read the admission requirements

Available places

Minimo 5
Massimo 12
Uditori no

Taxes and Contributions

Quota iscrizione al Corso € 650,00 + € 16,00 di marca da bollo
€ 666,00 all’atto dell’immatricolazione.

Frequency mode
obbligatoria 70%

Post Graduate Enrollment Service
Servizio Master e Corsi di Perfezionamento e di aggiornamento professionale

How to enrol

Applicants must apply online as indicated below.
Opening and closing deadlines for applying are indicated in Annex 1.
Please note: the procedure indicated below must not be followed by those applying for the Consulenza del lavoro course, who will have to follow the instructions set out in Art. 7 of this Call.
Application procedure
Step 1. Log into the ESSE3 online platform available at:
If you are applying for the first time, you must first register in the system with your SPID login details. If you already have a student profile, you can use either your SPID or your GIA login details.
If your GIA login details have expired and/or forgotten you should request the recovery of your login details following the instructions at: or logging in with your
SPID login details.
Please note: to complete your registration, you will need to have a scanned copy of your ID card on hand.

If you already have a profile in the system as a teaching staff/external user (company), you will need to create a student profile. Please note that you’ll have to re-register in the system if your tax ID number (codice fiscale) is not associated with your existing profile. If your tax ID no. has already been associated with your existing profile, please contact the Postgraduate Study Office.

Step 2. Once logged in, select “Segreteria > Concorso di ammissione > Iscrizione concorsi di ammissione” from the menu, then the course of your interest to complete the procedure. Then complete all the mandatory fields.
Once the application procedure is complete, the system will issue a registration receipt with a summary of your details, and you will receive an email confirming that your application has been submitted.
Students with disabilities or Specific Learning Disorder (SLD)/learning disabilities may request auxiliary aids and services if the course they are applying for requires them to pass an admission test2.

For further information and support for completing the online application procedure, please contact the Postgraduate Study Office, i.e. the “U.O. Master e Corsi di Perfezionamento e aggiornamento professionale” (Phone: +39 045 8028530– email

Corso di perfezionamento in Ecografia scuola SIUMB

Info test :

  • Periodo di iscrizione:
    1° edizione: dal 3/07/2023 al 8/11/2023
    2° edizione: dal 10/01/2024 al 15/05/2024

Other documents (calendar, ranking list, etc.)

None Published classification yet

Requirements for admissions

Laurea Magistrale in Medicina e chirurgia con abilitazione all'esercizio della professione di Medico chirurgo e possesso della copertura assicurativa per responsabilità civile professionale.

Evaluation criteria for admission

Curriculum vitae(pubblicazioni, attività reparto, attività assistenziale, congressi e corsi...).
Richiesta Iscrizione scuola VR.
Attestato corso Teorico SIUMB Frequenza interna Specializzandi.