Postgraduate Study Unit

  • Supporting decisions on the teaching of short postgraduate courses by the postgraduate committee, the relevant departments and the central bodies of the university.
  •  Managing courses for school teachers, graduate teachers and those who meet the requirements to teach in schools.
  • Assisting programme contact staff in setting up, managing and monitoring courses.
  • Managing contract professors.
  • Overseeing the organisation of lesson times and exams.
  • Managing the academic records of students enrolled in these courses.
  • Promoting the courses offered at the university.
  • Managing state exams.
  •  Admission procedures for all first- and second-level limited-entry university programmes.
  •  Enrolment procedures for all first- and second-level limited-entry university programmes.
  •  Enrolments for single university modules.
  •  Printing and delivery of graduation scrolls.
  • evaluation of foreign degrees
  • admission of EU and non-EU students with foreign degrees to courses of study
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Office hadquarters

Via San Francesco 22 Verona (Immatricolazioni, Admissions, Corsi singoli e Diplomi) - Via Vipacco 7 Verona (Post laurea)

Phone contacts

Iscrizioni ai Master, Corsi di perfezionamento e Corsi di formazione continua: 045 802 8503 dal lunedì al venerdì 10-12

Teaching contacts details

prof.ssa Silvia Pogliaghi

tel. +39 045 8425128


Other services

Inclusion and Accessibility +39 045 802 8003
The Inclusion and Accessibility Office provides support to students with disabilities and Specific Learning Disorder (SLD)/learning disabilities from enrollment to graduation.

Career Service and Teacher Training Unit 045 802 8502
The Job Placement Office provides students with information and support on internships, career service opportunities and events.