Master - 2021/2022

Professional Master's programme in Publishing (1° Livello)

Duration : years 1  (febbraio 2022 - novembre 2022)
CFU : 67
Attendance : 70%
Location: verona
Language : Italian
Mode of teaching : Blended mode
Type of Access : Scheduled access

Course enrollment

Requirements for admissions :

In order to be admitted to this programme, applicants must hold one of the following:
a) a Bachelor’s degree (laurea) awarded pursuant to Ministerial decree no. 270/2004 or Ministerial decree no. 509/1999;
b) a university degree with a minimum duration of three years, awarded pursuant to previous regulations;
c) an equivalent foreign degree, recognised as suitable under current legislation.

Evaluation criteria for admission :

Applicants shall be admitted based on the following criteria:
- their Curriculum Vitae. The Selection Committee will assess each applicant’s eligibility based on their qualifications, skills and work experience, to be considered in relation to the professional areas of the Programme. 0 to 40 points will be awarded for the applicant’s CV;
- interview. Through the interview, the Selection Committee will be able to understand the personal and professional goals of the applicant, assessing their real interest in the Programme and the relevant career prospects. 0 to 60 points will be awarded for the applicant’s interview.
The sum of the above scores, from a minimum of 0 points to a maximum of 100, will be used to draw up the final list of applicants eligible for admission.

Benefit and incentives

A series of benefits and incentives are made available to students enrolling at the University in the academic year 2021/2022. To find out more, see the relevant Call for applications, and the relevant web page section.

How to enrol
Available places :

MIN/MAX: 26/35

Tuition fee: 3,866€ Taxes and Contributions
Registration deadline: November 15, 2021

Study plan

Discover all the learning activities available to you during your time at the University in the academic year 2021/2022.

Credits 1.0
Storia del libro
Credits 2.0
Storia dell'editoria
Credits 1.0
Editoria e lettura
Credits 2.0
Editoria contemporanea
Credits 2.0
Storia della grafica editoriale
Credits 1.0
Tecniche di stampa: produzione