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PhD Programme Courses/classes - 2023/2024

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PhD school courses/classes - 2023/2024

Please note: Additional information will be added during the year. Currently missing information is labelled as “TBD” (i.e. To Be Determined).

PhD students must obtain a specified number of CFUs each year by attending teaching activities offered by the PhD School.
First and second year students must obtain 8 CFUs. Teaching activities ex DM 226/2021 provide 5 CFUs; free choice activities provide 3 CFUs.
Third year students must obtain 4 CFUs. Teaching activities ex DM 226/2021 provide 2 CFUs; free choice activities provide 2 CFUs.

Registering for the courses is not required unless explicitly indicated; please consult the course information to verify whether registration is required or not. When registration is actually required, no confirmation e-mail will be sent after signing up.

Teaching Activities ex DM 226/2021: Linguistic Activities

Teaching Activities ex DM 226/2021: Research management and Enhancement

Teaching Activities ex DM 226/2021: Statistics and Computer Sciences

Teaching Activities: Free choice





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- lezione 1: sclerosi multipla e diagnosi differenziale delle malattie demielinizzanti del sistema nervoso centrale
- lezione 2: neuromielite ottica (NMOSD) e MOGAD

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The maximum number of participants should not exceed 30 to allow for effective interaction. Attendance of at least 50% of the course (at least one out of two lectures) is required in order to receive credits. The course will consist of two lectures of 4h each.
13 and 27 March, 14:30
Neurologia, Ospedale Borgo Roma, Settore F, 7° piano
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