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PhD Programme Courses/classes - 2023/2024

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PhD school courses/classes - 2023/2024

Please note: Additional information will be added during the year. Currently missing information is labelled as “TBD” (i.e. To Be Determined).

PhD students must obtain a specified number of CFUs each year by attending teaching activities offered by the PhD School.
First and second year students must obtain 8 CFUs. Teaching activities ex DM 226/2021 provide 5 CFUs; free choice activities provide 3 CFUs.
Third year students must obtain 4 CFUs. Teaching activities ex DM 226/2021 provide 2 CFUs; free choice activities provide 2 CFUs.

Registering for the courses is not required unless explicitly indicated; please consult the course information to verify whether registration is required or not. When registration is actually required, no confirmation e-mail will be sent after signing up.

Teaching Activities ex DM 226/2021: Linguistic Activities

Teaching Activities ex DM 226/2021: Research management and Enhancement

Teaching Activities ex DM 226/2021: Statistics and Computer Sciences

Teaching Activities: Free choice





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• First day (4 hours – 1CFU): - The reproducibility crisis in scientific research, a new research paradigm - Open science practices: From registered reports to large-scale collaborative projects - Structuring experimental data: rethinking data acquisitions to enable replications. - Multiverse analysis.
• Second day (4 hours – 1 CFU): - Practical simulation of pre-registration - Organization of a data-set according the FAIR principles - Practical simulation of multiverse analysis.

When and where

Full attendance is required. Test with multiple-choice answers at the end of Day 1. Evaluation at the end of Day 2. Possibility of attending Day 1 only.
March 1, 9:00-13.20; 14:30-16:10
March 8, 9:00-13.20; 14:30-16:10
Aula Messedaglia - Chiostro S. Maria delle Vittorie
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